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The Jedi Who Loved Me

You can watch the film in its entirety here on the website:

The film is also available on YouTube, but has unfortunately had the
audio track disabled (because of the closing music). You can see it
(but not hear it!) here: TJWLM on YouTube.

The film is also available for download in DivX format.
To download, right-click on the image below and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to save the movie to your disk.
Download DivX
Format: DivX
Size: 30MB
Picture: 320x240
Running time: 20 minutes 12 seconds

Please note that this video was made purely for fun, and no money whatsoever is being made out of it.  We just love the original Star Wars film and wanted to pay homage to it in the best way we knew how.

The Trailer

Click on an image to view the trailer (lower or higher quality).
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Lower Quality
Format: MPEG
Size: 1MB
Running Time: 1 minute
Higher Quality
Format: AVI / DivX
Size: 1.9MB
Running Time: 1 minute


Finally here are some clips that didn't make the final cut.  They're all AVI files in DivX format, at the incredibly low resolution of 160x120 to save space - so don't expect to see a lot of detail!

Aliens Chat
Nick Fridge and Kris Adams - two of the cantina aliens actors - in conversation.  The shot was dropped because we already have enough of these two in the scene already!
Miss The Bar
Here, Steven McCombe (dressed as an alien) attempts to put his money on the bar to buy a drink, but misses...
Aliens Unmasked
A rare (and brief) behind-the-scenes shot of the two main aliens unmasked!
A Foil Alien
One of the aliens from Foiled crawls across the table-top.
Voice Controlled Droid
Here the secret behind our power-droid is revealed - it's voice-controlled...
Chess Piece
An out-take of the white chess piece acting under pressure from lots of onlookers in a car park.
She's So Lovely
Adamkin Skywalker thinks the Princess is so lovely, he says it twice.
The Princess Award
A scene we dropped (wisely) from the Princess flashbacks, was this one of her giving an award to the green-bearded old man.  It's awful!
An opportunity to view a Princess Mariadala flashback scene with the original audio intact!
Opening The Park
Originally we had a shot in the Princess flashbacks of her opening a new park for some children.  It was raining, the scissors wouldn't cut the ribbon, and it just doesn't look good.  Hence the lack of it in the final cut.
The Old Lady
A rare shot of Howell Parry dressing up as an old lady for the notorious McMaul flashback.
After The Ice-Cream
After calling "cut" on the ice-cream shot, everyone burst out laughing.
Scary Stormtrooper
Adamkin reacts to being threatened by a stormtrooper by bursting out laughing.
Mama Skywalker
Here Mama Skywalker suddenly remembers she's forgotten to include the word "maybe".
Yodo Forgets The Force
In a rare unprocessed shot of Yodo supposedly floating over Adamkin's bed you can see the dead Jedi Knight forget to mention the Force.
Behind The Dream
A brief glimpse behind the shooting of the dream sequence reveals a tape player hanging in a tree and Paul Isaacs on light duty.
McMaul's Own Sounds
Darth McMaul decides to make the sound of his lightsabre igniting himself, instead of relying on good old post-production.
More Duelling
Most duelling locations made it into the final cut.  This is one of those that didn't - another area of Docklands.  Actually, the background here is pretty boring, and the action is a bit distant, so it wasn't a difficult choice to drop it.
Duelling Out-Take
This shot is in the final cut, but not this take, as there was a group of people standing in the background watching the duel.
Another Duel Shot
This would have been a great shot for the duel if it wasn't for three things - the camerawork is too shaky (it was cold!), there was a big drop of water on the lens (oops!), and the fighting is a bit dodgy.
Get It Right McMaul!
Darth McMaul is strangely unable to follow simple instructions shouted across the road at him by Adam Lopez, Henry Burrows and Howell Parry.  Unwanted traffic in the background doesn't help, either.
McMaul in Finchley
McMaul crossing a busy main road with Howool Darksheep and Adamkin Skywalker.
Rehearsal 1 (156Kb)
Rehearsal 2 (196Kb)
Rehearsal 3 (342Kb)
Rehearsal 4 (148Kb)
Four clips from the rehearsal of a scene that never made it into the film.  This is a rare opportunity to hear how the movie might have ended - if Maria and Adam had ever got their lines right...
Yodo Dances
Finally, a chance to see some more of Yodo dancing from the end credits.  Again unprocessed, so you can see what he looked like before we turned him green.