Big Chimp

Joanne Harvey

Roles:Audition Panel, City Folk
Crew:Costumes, Props, Makeup, Casting, Location Scouting


1.How did you get involved in Big Chimp?
I was lucky enough to meet Henry Burrows through his longtime friend and collaborator Howell Parry. I'd long been a fan of Henry's work (well, since Howell's 'Foiled' drinking game), and it was a great honour to be involved in his films, first as Evil Mastermind in 'The Sinister Dr Stone', and then as Theatre Panel #3 (and don't forget Woman running from Chimp) in Big Chimp.

2.What was the most difficult thing about playing Audition Panel Member?
Unfortunately we held the wrap party for the film before the film had wrapped. It was an excellent wrap party, but it did mean I was working with a hangover in my key scene. I don't think it detracted from my overall performance, but some of the finesse I brought to the earlier role 'Evil Mastermind' may be lacking.

3.What's your favourite memory from the Big Chimp shoot?
So many happy memories. The evening I spent lovingly crafting a huge Big Chimp hand from furry material, and the afternoon I spent removing the contents from the paper shredders at work to stuff it with. (I did later hear that Henry thought it looked slightly unrealistic, but such are the whims of artists).

Going to Leeds to source the doll versions of the main actors - it is of course key to ensure that the audience don't notice the difference between the real actors and the doll stand-ins, but I think we got it pretty spot-on.

Antony in a gorilla suit and fake ***** (when he wouldn't even let Jackie see him in a wig and a lab coat. But they're married now so I guess it's OK).

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