Big Chimp

Mahinda Kularatne

Roles:Audition Panel, City Folk
Crew:Props, Casting, Location Scouting


1.How did you get involved in Big Chimp?
More like, "Howell did I get involved in Big Chimp?" A friend and colleague of Howell's, it was only a matter of time before he dragged me into one of his little schemes, and that's how I found myself paralysed in Dr. Stone's laboratory. Big Chimp was the natural progression.

2.What was the most difficult thing about playing Audition Panel Member?
Coping with the massive hangover caused by one of the other Theatre Panel Member's parties the night before! That and securing pizza without cheese for the director. These creative types have some crazy demands.

3.What's your favourite memory from the Big Chimp shoot?
The running. Lots and lots of running. And falling.

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