Big Chimp

Peter Kidson

Role:Captain Matterhorn


1.Where are you from?

2.How did you get involved in Big Chimp?
Used to work with Henry.

3.What filmmaking experience did you have before making Big Chimp?
Assorted amdram, musicals, etc, Was also in Foiled and Fluffy.

4.What was the most difficult thing about playing Captain Matterhorn?
Keeping the ship afloat and not losing the hat.

5.What's your favourite film featuring an ape / monkey / gorilla / chimpanzee / orangutan, and why?
The Tetley's Tea adverts. Such dialogue! Oh and the Jack Black King Kong. I have always loved serious, straight drama.

6.Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.
I am WS Gilbert's appointed representative on earth.

7.What have you been up to since filming Big Chimp in 2006?
Waiting for Big Chimp to come out.

8.Any plans for the future?
Watching Big Chimp. Starting a lady-band.

9.What's your favourite memory from the Big Chimp shoot?
The beans on toast.

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