Big Chimp

Sarah Lewis

Roles:Audition Panel, Jungle Natives, City Folk


1.How did you get involved in Big Chimp?
Jo, one of the casting team, sent me an email asking if I would like to put my acting experience (up until this point limited to playing Prince Charming in my local Amdram group's Christmas panto) to good use.

2.What was the most difficult thing about playing Audition Panel Member?
Since there was no script I kind of said the first thing that came into my head. Then when the scene was shot again from a different angle I couldn't remember what I'd said the first time, so I suspect I might be one of those who is guilty of complicating the editing process (sorry Henry).

3.What's your favourite memory from the Big Chimp shoot?
Making the Jungle Natives' costumes! We all stood in a line wearing the same large piece of brown material with holes cut out for our heads, then we were separated with a pair of scissors. I still have my safety-pinned tunic - it came in quite useful as part of a tree costume.

My other favourite thing about that weekend, unrelated to the shoot but never mind, is that the cocktail party on the Saturday night was the first occasion on which I met the man I would marry four and a half years later.

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