Big Chimp

Torkjel Matzow

Roles:Pilots, Jungle Natives, City Folk


1.How did you get involved in Big Chimp?
I've known the Production Manager, Mr Parry, for some time, and through him become a fan of Henry Burrows' and Foiled Productions' work. I'd previously had a 0.9 second cameo as a passer-by in The Sinister Dr Stone. I put a lot of work into the preparation for that role, and I guess my interpretation must have greatly impressed the production crew, which is no doubt why they recruited me again. Anyway, it is a great honour to have been a part (albeit modest) of the epic that is Big Chimp!

2.What was the most difficult thing about playing Pilot?
The plane was very old and difficult to control - I very nearly crashed! Trying, at the same time, to think of something suitably random to say in Norwegian didn't make it any easier!

3.What's your favourite memory from the Big Chimp shoot?
Being part of a tribe of sinister natives with silly masks, jumping around in the forest and being generally threatening towards passing film crews. Great stuff! And Andy in a gorilla costume, of course.

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