The 24 Hour Hitch

In 1990, when Howell Parry was a first year student at the University of Manchester, he took part in a sponsored 24 hour hitch-hike to raise money for Children In Need. The object of the hitch was for each team of hitchers to try to get as far from Manchester as possible in 24 hours - by hitching lifts.

His team reached London before giving up and returning to Manchester.

The next year, determined to do better, Howell once more took part in the 24 Hour Hitch. Advertising on the University E-Mail system, he located two hitch partners - myself, Henry Burrows - in the third and final year of my course - and a first year student by the name of Dave Bruton. Howell kept a detailed log throughout the hitch.

In 1992 I had left Manchester to work in the south of England. Howell, in his final year now, teamed up with Lizzi Wiseman to once again head out into the great unknown, and yet again he decided to log their adventures.

Another year passed and Howell found himself working in a Little Chef restaurant at Piccadilly Station in Manchester. Well, let's be honest here, he didn't just wake up one morning and "discover" that he was working there, I mean that sort of thing just doesn't happen... Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Howell was now a working man, no longer a student who could just dash off across Europe at a moment's notice.

But he couldn't resist giving the 24 Hour Hitch just one last try. He contacted me - I said "sure", and we were joined (temporarily) by a student named Matthew Pennell to take part once again...

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