It's not available online yet, but our latest short film Lockwood has been completed, and has it's own web page on this site. We filmed it two and a half years ago after we'd made the series of "lunchtime shorts" - the short films we made during lunch breaks in 2016. It shares a lot of similarities with those films, but has a longer running time (just over 9 minutes) and a vague plot. Originally we recorded a voiceover for it which explained a lot more of what is going on - however, we made the decision to drop that and leave it up to the audience to figure it out.

We had two big challenges filming this. One was we only had 10-15 minutes a day to grab as many shots as possible, so it took a while. The other was we were fairly close to Lasham airfield so there was a lot of waiting for aircraft to move out of the area and let us get a good sound recording!
Saturday, 9th February 2019 @ 10:12PM