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Name: Ben_Grimm
Town/City: seattle
Country: USA
Comments: What were you thinking zombies arnt apposta be nice they are undead brain eating evil bastards you made em all cute an cuddly wheres the blood wheres the gutz aaaahhhhh
Date: Wed Sep 12 01:25:51 2001

Name: Nikki Brown
Town/City: Basildon
Country: UK
Comments: Nice one guys! Very funny :-)
Date: Thu Feb 8 11:27:00 2001

Name: Adam Ahmad
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: My God, It's Full of Cheese!!! I can't believe we made this. . . A contract with Kraft Philadelphia Spread can't be far away. Give Love A Chance!! Adam (Bob)
Date: Mon Jan 22 04:36:44 2001

Name: Steven McCombe
Town/City: Carlisle
Country: UK
Comments: So cheesy you could put it on bread and call it pizza. Wonderful!!!!!
Date: Sun Jan 21 09:42:51 2001