Sunday Night Zombies - The Story

More cheese than a cheese shop...
It is one year after the events of "Saturday Night Zombies".  Bob and Kate are on holiday together in Niagara Falls, trying to put all thoughts of zombies from their minds.  They are alive, and determined to enjoy themselves.  Overcome with emotion, Bob proposes to Kate and, to his delight, she accepts.
However, Bob's ex-girlfriend, Angie, is a jealous, unforgiving type, who has spent the past year plotting to win his heart back.  She is spying on the couple, and is horrified by what she sees.  She calls up her shady brother, Tony, and asks him to sabotage the wedding.
Tony has connections, and hires a hitman to help his sister.  However, things do not go quite as Angie had planned...

Does Tony fully understand his sister's wishes?

Who is the mysterious hitman?

Will the happy couple ever complete the wedding ceremony?

Can love really be the answer?

And just where are the zombies promised by the title?

For answers to all these questions, you'll have to download and watch the movie.