Thanks for visiting "The Jedi Who Loved Me".  This used to be a guestbook where you could leave comments, but now that the Foiled Forums exist, you can drop by there and let us know what you thought instead. And there's the added bonus that we can reply!

Here are the comments that people left while the guestbook was still operational:-


Name: Allen W. Wright
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: I met Adamkin in line for another movie, and he told me about this film. Truly a lot of fun. Congrats to everyone involved.
Date: Sat Feb 9 12:09:47 2002

Name: Paul G
Country: UK
Comments: I'd like to congratulate everyone invovled with THE JEDI WHO LOVED ME. As the person running the free mini-cine at SCI-FI-LONDON I had the opportunity to see the film a few times and if we'd been giving awards for best fan film it would have gone to TJWLM (if I'd had any say anyway.) I'll also add that it was the one film that had a consistent reaction from all the audiences that saw it (laughing in the right places, being suitable impressed at the fx, etc) and I think you all deserve a darn good pat on the back. Near brough a tear to my eye, did that film... ;) Paul G
Date: Wed Feb 6 19:36:41 2002

Name: DarkFaith
Town/City: Stuttgart
Country: Germany
Comments: Great movie!! I loved it! Can't wait to see "Fluffy"! You guys are the best!!
Date: Sun Dec 2 14:55:38 2001

Name: Jutta
Town/City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Comments: saw the film also at "electronic kindergarten". [d]vision had an excellent screening on Star Wars Fan Films! I love your film - it is pretty cool!!!
Date: Wed Sep 5 08:56:27 2001

Name: Manfred Tomaschitz
Town/City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Comments: I saw your film yesterday at "electronic kindergarten" - they had a videotape running. It was great!
Date: Fri May 25 19:25:07 2001

Name: Rebecca Walsh
Town/City: Wrexham
Country: Wales
Comments: I love you sexy beast, you!
Date: Tue Mar 27 12:58:25 2001

Name: Adam
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comments: Love the movie! When's the DVD coming out?
Date: Wed Jan 31 05:41:48 2001

Name: Keith
Town/City: Richmond, VA
Country: USA
Comments: You guys did a great job on this film. And that little girl was just too cute :) Thanks for an awesome film. I really did enjoy it. Keith
Date: Sun Sep 17 03:32:38 2000