Shooting Schedule

Here is the schedule for the filming of The Jedi Who Loved Me, all of which took place in London, England.  The finished movie premiered in Toronto on July 15th 2000.

Day One - Saturday 18th December 1999

10am-2pm The Cantina Scene - our take on the famous alien meeting place from the original Star Wars movie.  Including the arrival of Biggles Darklighter, Adamkin's frustration, and return of the Jedi.
2pm-3pm Mariadala flashback scene.

Day Two - Thursday 30th December 1999

12pm-2pm Another Mariadala flashback scene.
2pm-4pm Adamkin meets the Princess.
4pm-5pm First date. [Scene cut in final edit]

Day Three - Saturday 15th January 2000

12pm-1pm Yodo's visit - exteriors.
1pm-4pm Yodo's visit - interiors.
4pm-5pm Meeting the Princess - Adamkin's dream.

Days Four/Five - Saturday 22nd/Sunday 23rd January 2000

Very Early The Duel (filmed early both days to avoid crowds where possible, as we were in very touristy areas of London).
1pm The arrival of Darth McMaul, and Darth flashbacks (both days).
After Sunset Bedtime story/End of bedtime story.

To see pictures from the filming of The Jedi Who Loved Me, visit the Production Stills page.