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by Henry Burrows

Location: Farnborough, Hampshire
Bodies present: Henry Burrows, Sean Murphy, Duncan Tyler, Cesare Ferrari and Rebecca White

Today I was down in Farnborough for the infamous "Perhaps you would like to try some of this cheese" scene.

Sean and I went off to get Phil's 'East German' coat from his house; he'd craftily hidden it in a cupboard but we tracked it down eventually. The next problem was finding someone to play the German. Plan A failed (the actor was in bed), as did Plan B (the guy said NO very firmly), so we returned to Sean's house and he phoned his friend Duncan and said: "Do you want to be in the movies?"

Luckily for us the answer was yes (although we did have a plan D and E just in case...), so within half an hour (giving us just enough time to watch Police Squad) Duncan arrived and we wandered out into the back-garden to film the scene. It didn't take long, not surprisingly as they had one line each... and we returned indoors to watch it. Oh no! I'd somehow nudged the "date/time" switch and there were these nasty digits visible at the bottom of the screen. So... back out and do it all again.

Then I spent the remainder of the afternoon watching Cesare and Rebecca composing some "ambient" soundtrack music to go in the background somewhere (possibly for our TV B-movie); I pushed a few notes here and there too!

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