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The Foiled Production Journal is our attempt to chronicle the production of the film from a variety of viewpoints (most of them, however, being mine!).

Latest News - 17th December 2000

Updates on this web page will become less frequent from now on, unless anything interesting happens with Foiled.  For more information on other Foiled Productions movies, visit the main Foiled Productions website.

Foiled was shown at the 2000 Festival Of Fantastic Films, held in Manchester, UK, 8th-10th September.

Check out our entry in the IMDB for comments on Foiled (and vote for us if you've seen the movie!)

Sunday 10th March 1996 Shooting Our Film-Within-A-Film, Saturday Night Zombies
Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th March 1996 Graveyard Hunting In North Wales
Sunday 24th March 1996 Perhaps you would like to try some of this cheese?
Saturday 27th April 1996 The Bedroom Scenes - Day One
Sunday 19th May 1996 The Bedroom Scenes - Day Two
Monday 27th May 1996 Scouting Continues In North Wales
Thursday 6th June 1996 Nick Goes To Peak Forest
Sunday 9th June 1996 The Bedroom Scenes - Day Three - somewhere completely different
Sunday 30th June 1996 Testing Howell's Smoke Bomb
Friday 23rd August 1996 A Progress Report
Sunday 22nd September 1996 Genesis Of The Foil Man
Sunday 6th October 1996 Ka-BOOOM!!! - An Alien Explodes
Saturday 30th November 1996 Pizza Delivery Man In Shock Foil Man Transformation
Saturday 11th January 1997 Lounging Around
Sunday 2nd February 1997 What was that noise?
Saturday 8th February 1997 Watch out, watch out, there's a Foil Man about...
Saturday 22nd February 1997 Foil Wrapped Man Found In A Field
Sunday 16th March 1997 The Green Man
Saturday 26th April 1997 Action!
Tuesday 11th November 1997 Break's Over; Let's Get To Work...
Monday 17th November 1997 Barbie Pasta?
Tuesday 18th November 1997 Return Of The Foil Man
Monday 24th November 1997 Foil Man - Electronics Expert?
Monday 1st December 1997 Ray Vs The Alien
Tuesday 9th December 1997 The Enemy's Mind
Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th December 1997 It's Cold Out There...
Tuesday 13th January 1998 The Strength Of A Foil Man
Wednesday 21st January 1998 The Phone Goes Dead
Saturday 24th January 1998 A Foiled Party
Monday 26th January 1998 Who's At The Door?
Tuesday 27th January 1998 Transformations
Monday 2nd February 1998 Ray Is Suffering
Tuesday 3rd February 1998 Bodies
Saturday 7th February 1998 Daylight
Monday 9th February 1998 No Filming; Just Furniture Moving
Tuesday 10th February 1998 Scared Students
Monday 16th February 1998 Demented Chimpanzees
Monday 23rd February 1998 Just Another Day
Tuesday 3rd March 1998 Bedroom Blues
Thursday 5th March 1998 Good Field Hunting
Sunday 8th March 1998 Field Of Dreams
Monday 9th March 1998 Last Of The Bedroom
Tuesday 10th March 1998 Preparing The Next Location
Monday 16th March 1998 Lounging Around II
Tuesday 17th March 1998 Revelations
Monday 30th March 1998 Killing The Invincible?
Tuesday 31st March 1998 Upstairs Fighting
Friday 3rd April 1998 Last Of The Lounge
Tuesday 7th April 1998 Shoving Scanner Around
Saturday 18th April 1998 Foiled - The Road Movie?
Sunday 19th April 1998 Three Times To Wales
Monday 11th May 1998 The Wrong Trousers
Tuesday 12th May 1998 Miscellaneous Car
Sunday 31st May 1998 Foiled: The Jane Austen Connection
Saturday 6th June 1998 Chase
Monday 22nd June 1998 Hair
Saturday 27th June 1998 Mark Flitter's Party
Saturday 4th July 1998 Alien Production Line
Sunday 5th July 1998 The Final Battle
Saturday 18th July 1998 Another Final Battle
Saturday 1st August 1998 Driving Mr Foilman
Tuesday 4th August 1998 The Hitcher
Saturday 8th August 1998 Stalker-Boy's Barby
Tuesday 15th September 1998 Starting On The Trailer
Saturday 31st October 1998 Starting On The Movie
Tuesday 12th January 1999 First Quarter Complete
Tuesday 16th February 1999 About Halfway
Wednesday 7th April 1999 Special Effects
Friday 14th May 1999 Editing Complete
Monday 19th July 1999 Visual Effects Complete
Wednesday 4th August 1999 The Hills Are Alive, With...
Friday 29th October 1999 Musical Blairs
Monday 3rd January 2000 Happy New Year
Sunday 26th March 2000 Premiere News
Saturday 29th April 2000 The World Premiere!
Tuesday 8th August 2000 Another Screening Soon