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This used to be a guestbook where you could leave messages for us, but these days you have a number of social media options instead.

Here, then, is a history of the Foiled guestbook, where you can read comments left by our visitors many years ago.


Name: Francis Castanobule
Country: Spain
Comments: I like your film very much! Thanks you!!
Date: Wed May 19 03:11:53 2004

Name: Liza
Town/City: fortlauderdale
Country: fortlauderdale
Comments: would love to here from others in the trench i made a site just for indy people just need help with shit to show
Date: Thu Feb 19 21:24:56 2004

Name: FFSkitty
Town/City: here
Country: Earth
Comments: nice site
Date: Sun Feb 15 20:00:19 2004

Name: tom
Comments: cool page
Date: Wed Sep 24 23:41:17 2003

Name: klaus
Comments: great site, well done
Date: Wed Sep 24 23:40:56 2003

Name: Felicity
Town/City: Ipswich
Country: England
Comments: I am 15 years old with plenty of acting experience. If you are holding auditions and you think i may be suitable please feel free to e-mail me.
Date: Tue Jun 10 15:25:38 2003

Name: jan
Comments: top page
Date: Tue Apr 22 03:05:21 2003

Name: Baron Von Joshua
Town/City: St.Catharines
Country: Canada
Comments: I really wish i could watch this movie. I cant seem to find a way to find it. I will be back, so if anyone knows how to get it, I`de be very happy to know.
Date: Mon Mar 3 19:00:27 2003

Name: NickK
Town/City: Portsmouth
Country: UK
Comments: We at TXRecords are keen to help budding film makers and anyone else in the multimedia arena. We offer FREE MUSIC or soundtracks for your production and some of our artist's work has already appeared on promotional videos. Please visit our website or email us to find out more or to tell us your requirements.
Date: Mon Feb 10 07:34:20 2003

Name: Autumn
Comments: Terrific site...keep it up!
Date: Thu Feb 6 00:25:34 2003

Name: Christian Hede Madsen
Town/City: Gudhjem
Country: Denmark
Comments: Hey Foiled Productions! I have chcked out your site, and it is great. I am about to make my first attempt in splatter/horror film with my 40min. feature: JUST A VISIT. When is Foiled available? Chr.
Date: Fri Nov 29 05:27:02 2002

Name: zoe & jacqui
Town/City: eastbourne
Country: england
Comments: this is the best website everrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! nice! i wanna marry the foil man pleaseeeeeeee gimme his email adress
Date: Sat Oct 5 16:33:25 2002

Name: kiran
Town/City: CHENNAI.
Country: india
Comments: I'm living in avidi i am 26years old and need to do some film work soon i have acted since age 11 have quite a lot of practical experience if any local film companies are interested fee free to e mail me
Date: Fri Aug 23 03:05:20 2002

Name: Faye Lewis
Town/City: Hartlepool
Country: England
Comments: I'm living in Hartlepool i am 16 years old and need to do some film work soon i have acted since age 11 have quite a lot of practical experience if any local film companies are interested fee free to e mail me
Date: Sun Jul 21 18:48:05 2002

Name: Zeanida S. Magno
Town/City: Kuwait City
Country: Kuwait
Comments: I'm looking for somebody will be interested to a great story for film.I can send the complete synopsis if needed. This story is a fiction but basedon the real lives and experiences of the wroter and some friends who wokred ad domestic helpers aborad. It aslo describes some cultures and traditons of the Kuwaiti people, It aslo I can I will send note again some o i have a phone call..
Date: Sat Jul 20 07:07:18 2002

Name: sacha
Country: uk
Comments: Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care. The internet is a great place to showcase art and increase awareness in the variety of excellent work available. Do also visit mine at SACHA DRAWINGS
Date: Fri Jun 21 16:25:06 2002

Name: ray smith
Comments: This is my email
Date: Tue Mar 12 23:11:04 2002

Name: ray smith
Town/City: Bude/LA
Country: UK/US
Comments: I am a filmmaker and photographer making a transatlantic digital movie looking for sponsorship. We're looking for excellent techno or house for the soundtrack too which will be marketed as a CD with the DVD of the movie.
Date: Tue Mar 12 23:06:26 2002

Name: Sam
Town/City: London
Country: UK
Comments: The best film school where Guy Ritchie, tarrintino, Spike Lee learnt their skills.
Date: Thu Feb 7 15:51:50 2002

Name: Gregan Wortman
Town/City: Billings
Country: Montana, USA
Comments: Also visit:
Date: Fri Nov 9 16:58:58 2001

Name: louise
Town/City: Blaydon
Country: England
Comments: great site! let me know if you need any new actresses as im interested! i have qualifications in performing arts and im currently a performing arts student.
Date: Mon Oct 29 15:17:46 2001

Name: Young Man Kang
Town/City: Los Angeles
Country: US
Comments: Haitian Slave Children: Forgotten Angels A Film by Ron Becks & Young Man Kang WORLD PREMIERE 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 10, 2001 Raleigh Studios, Chaplin Theatre 650 N. Bronson Avenue (Melrose & Van Ness) Hollywood, CA RSVP: 714.847.0627 Official Selection 2001 The International Jamerican Film Festival Press Release We are proud to announce the World Premiere of an explosicely revealing film documentary on the heart-wrenching subject of children abandoned to the streets of Haiti. This is a most unique expose' of the world's dirty little secret' --modern day child slavery, severe abuse and the resulting loss of childhood for thousands of children. Director/producer/writer Ron Becks and Director/cinematographer/Editor Young Man Kang combined their award-winning talents to creat this phenomenal documentary to draw attention to the plight of the street kids of Haiti. The film has a soundtrack of authentic Haitian roots music by the Grammy-nominated group, Boukman Eksperyans. Executive producer Jeanette Lawrence, of Huntington Beach, California, was inspired to fund this effort after becoming aware of the life-endangering work being performed by a courageous rescue team, headed by an America from Corpus Christi, Texas, Michael Brewer, R.N. Mr, Brewer is the compassionate Director of Haitian Street Kids, Inc., (a non- profit organization) which has opened an orphanage, Family Circle Home for Boys, in Port au Prince. There the children are sheltered in a secure, loving environment where they are provided the opportunity to both enjoy their childhood and to get a quality education to help prepare them for the future. Contact: Jeanette Lawrence, Fundraising/PR Haitian Street Kids, Inc. 18051 Joyful Lane #101 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 email:
Date: Sat Oct 6 03:36:41 2001

Name: uabhiram
Town/City: chennai
Country: India
Comments: fine
Date: Sun Sep 2 08:36:51 2001

Name: Gregan Wortman
Town/City: Billings, Montana
Country: USA
Comments: I would like you to visit my other web sites:
Date: Tue Apr 24 02:01:22 2001

Name: eddie
Town/City: Bath
Country: UK
Comments: When will this be available to see for goodness sake! And from where??? Dont let it disapear into nowhere...
Date: Thu Mar 15 17:09:09 2001

Name: never you mind
Town/City: manchester
Country: manchester
Comments: i bloody love you
Date: Sun Mar 11 02:04:00 2001

Name: Pai Khek Meng
Town/City: Kuching
Country: Malaysia
Webpage: http://www.geocities/pkm_93400.html
Comments: hello.
Date: Fri Feb 16 10:09:17 2001

Name: Jordan
Town/City: New York
Country: usa
Comments: Check it out
Date: Wed Feb 7 03:28:39 2001

Date: Thu Feb 1 07:52:56 2001

Name: Arm of Doom
Country: England
Comments: Download our short movie now!!! You WILL be glad you did it!
Date: Mon Jan 15 21:04:20 2001

Name: Mr Oblivion
Town/City: Manchester
Country: uk
Comments: Have you been to Fab Cafe, Cus Gareth Thomas & Sophie Aldred have plus lots of others of a Si-Fi nature
Date: Sun Nov 12 23:04:15 2000

Name: Kumiho
Town/City: LA
Country: US
Comments: New Horror Film 'Kumiho' site opens!!
Date: Fri Oct 27 21:41:05 2000

Name: Young Man Kang
Town/City: LA
Country: US
Comments: Check it out my new film 'Death Valley Diary' thanks.
Date: Fri Oct 27 21:38:53 2000

Name: Mike Hunt
Comments: Aliens? ALIENS? UPDATE YOUR SITE!!! It's too good to be left alone...
Date: Mon Oct 2 21:07:20 2000

Name: Border to Border
Town/City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Comments: OOPS- our page would not post in the message portion- hopefully it will work now
Date: Sat Sep 30 00:47:35 2000

Name: Ran Barker
Town/City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Comments: Love your site- where can we see your film- we are filmmakers as well- checkout our site at
Date: Sat Sep 30 00:45:10 2000

Name: Dave Brain
Town/City: Bristol
Country: UK
Comments: As this is such a good website, I'm not going to advertise my film making site here (unlike the other guestbook entries) as this site is all low budget film makers need! I'll buy it when it becomes avalible, no messing.
Date: Tue Sep 26 22:23:22 2000

Name: John Ireland
Town/City: Bolton
Country: England
Comments: Yes - I remember Foiled, especially when I was woken up one morning in my dingy bedsit in Rusholme to find Messrs. Parry, Wilkes & Co filming it in the front room!
Date: Wed Sep 13 18:24:24 2000

Name: Sarah
Comments: Interesting web page, although everyone knows that wicker is evil and it will take over the world with its vile army of saran wrap henchmen. Aluminum foil is our only hope. You've got it all backwards my friends.
Date: Sat Sep 9 00:12:12 2000

Name: Young Man Kang
Town/City: Los Angeles
Country: US
Comments: 'Cupid's Mistake' directed by Young Man kang, opens at Laemmle's Sunset 5 in LA, CA. Sep. 15th. For more info:
Date: Thu Sep 7 22:09:17 2000

Name: Phil
Town/City: N.Ireland
Comments: Check out my own Personal Website. Theres a good film-making section too, and the downloadable movie clips will be available soon so keep watching.
Date: Wed Aug 9 22:54:09 2000

Name: Delilah
Town/City: Cleveland, OH
Country: USA
Comments: I'd never heard of this movie, but reading about it makes me want to see it. This is a really cool site. Another site that I've been digging alot lately is at I think everybody should check it out. I'm sure you'll dig it as much as I do.
Date: Wed Aug 2 06:46:29 2000

Name: ant
Country: usa
Comments: I like your site. It has good info on FOILED. good luck
Date: Wed Jun 21 00:51:14 2000

Name: Darren Harrison
Town/City: THE BEST. Well, Watford
Country: Thug favourite England
Comments: This sounds like such a good movie. I have been visiting the site for about 1 1/2 years back when it wasnt a Co.Uk. good Luck with selling it.
Date: Tue Jun 20 14:42:58 2000

Name: Young Man Kang
Town/City: LA
Country: US
Comments: How I made a no budget feature film 'Cupid's Mistake' for $980! discuss!
Date: Sat Jun 17 06:11:06 2000

Name: Kevin Carley(jnr)
Town/City: Liverpool
Country: England
Comments: I would like to thank everyone associated with "foiled" for producing such an excellent website. I first came across your site by total accident about a year ago and i think its currently the best resource for video makers on the internet,because it gives "no budget" enthusiasts like myself,access to a vast collection of video related websites and the majority of your links offer very good quality information. Everything about your site appears to be positive and its really refreshing to see a mainstream website being run for reasons other than financial gain. So thanks again and keep up the good work,because it is really appreciated.
Date: Mon Jun 12 16:18:23 2000

Name: Philip
Town/City: Portadown
Country: N.Ireland
Comments: Excellent trailor - let me know when the films released.
Date: Sun May 28 13:08:07 2000

Name: Kevin Carley (jnr).
Town/City: Liverpool
Country: England
Comments: Dear Readers I hope to start a low budget video production business soon,it will be called "celtico video studio" and should be up and running by the end of 2000(it will be based in merseyside.) I have recently set up a website at "" which offers me a cost effective way,to provide plenty of information to any potential investors. I am also seeking a few like minded local unemployed people,to work with me in this venture and although experience would be prefared,its not essential. Therefore:i would urge anyone who is interested in joining me in this venture,to check out my website,or email me for further details.
Date: Thu May 25 16:38:23 2000

Name: Dan Baker
Town/City: Southend
Country: England
Webpage: http://-
Comments: Where and when can I buy this film, it sounds so funny. As a young film director I have seen some pretty poor attempts of a serious sci-fi/horror film, heck! I've even done it myself, but this one as it is meant to be funny looks really good. Good luck for the future.
Date: Wed May 24 19:47:26 2000

Name: Darryl Sloan
Town/City: Portadown
Country: UK
Comments: Enjoyed the trailer. Really looking forward to seeing the movie!
Date: Sun May 14 15:36:50 2000

Name: Philip Montgomery
Town/City: London
Country: England
Comments: I work with Mark Stalker, and he is a psycho. Put him out of his misery
Date: Tue May 9 14:30:29 2000

Name: Dan Poulton
Town/City: Farnham
Country: Hampshire
Comments: P.S I am an aspiring writer director myself......feel free to email me any one for chat....ta
Date: Sat Apr 29 17:38:05 2000

Name: Dan Poulton
Town/City: Farnham
Country: Hampshire
Comments: A top class web site and an even more exellent film - the premiere was first class. Good look.....hey maybe you could get sponsored by the makers of kitchen foil!!!!!!!!!
Date: Sat Apr 29 17:35:05 2000

Name: Ronnie B Goodwin
Town/City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Comments: Glad to see others out there doing it.
Date: Thu Apr 27 12:05:31 2000

Name: J-P R
Town/City: Los Angeles
Country: USA
Comments: For Immediate Release: April 20, 2000 - Los Angeles, CA.The Temporary Website is online - !Check it Out!Offered Initial Seven Figure Angel Funding and Generating Huge 2nd Round VC Interest…"Hope you have a fast connection - It is a Flash site and may take a few seconds to load - We're shortening the load time as we speak!!!!"Email to:"A Film and Digital Multi-Media Company"We Are:Online Film and Digital Video ProductionWorldwide Film and Video DistributionLive Film Festival and Event CoverageAn Online Talent and Literary AgencyFilm Financing and SecuritizationBusiness to Business Web Services:Including Flash, Multimedia and Online Commercials"Using the best of both Film and Digital Video as a Method of Image Capture"Thanks,The Entire Staff(CCO Jon-Pierre Rattie is represented by the William Morris Agency and HandPrint Entertainment)(CTO Ward Osborne is head of IS Security at CityBank and is former IS Manager at Sony, Disney and NBC-TV)Look for the full-blown permanent website soon!!!!Book-Mark us and send us your info!
Date: Fri Apr 21 07:14:56 2000

Name: james
Town/City: Bournemouth
Country: uk
Comments: Best wishes on the film, it can't be easy. My own short movie is almost finished, called Job. Keep an eye out.
Date: Sun Apr 16 17:14:59 2000

Name: tony lovell
Town/City: durham
Country: england
Comments: this is really sad but I'm trying to track down an Angela Mary Burrows and am trying every place i can. Great, fun site, by the way. Please Henry - do you know of her? Where she might be? She was from Liverpool, anyway, and will be in her forties. Sorry about this, and good luck with the movie.
Date: Sat Apr 15 22:57:31 2000

Name: Dazzler
Town/City: Ulvila
Country: Finland
Comments: yo ! hmm, you could put your whole movie to this site ! , oh yeah ... =) check out our great movie page ... -Dazzler
Date: Fri Apr 7 21:01:03 2000

Name: Daryl Williams
Town/City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Comments: Great site for independent filmmakers wanting to make a low budget film. Thanks guys for proving that we can do it. Stay Cool
Date: Tue Apr 4 03:28:11 2000

Name: john etherton
Town/City: Rottingdean
Country: Near Woodingdean
Comments: Hello Henry! Keep going - and let us know when we can buy shares. Good luck for the 29th. Penny is coming to see it. Regards, John
Date: Sun Apr 2 11:44:34 2000

Name: Edward Keaton
Town/City: Newport, Gwent
Country: Fucking Wales
Comments: Just finished looking through your site. Christ, it is huge! And yet so much of the information contained is so completely pointless; this isn't meant as an insult, but rather as a statement of experience, for I myself am also a maker of feature length video shite. With a couple of friends I made an action/comedy, 'Cop on the Edge IX: Prelude to Justice'. You can read all about it on the website listed above. And it also contains just endless amounts of uninteresting shite about the film's production. If you like I could send you a copy of the movie as it has just been transferred to video CD with loads of extras on it: TV spots, deleted scenes (actually a deleted shot; as we were editing on a linear Hi-8 to Beta set-up we forgot to include one shot, then by the time we realised we couldn't be arsed going back and cutting it in, then having to recut all the other stuff), theatrical trailer and much more.
Date: Thu Mar 30 23:33:20 2000

Name: Stuart Birchall
Town/City: Watford
Country: England
Comments: Cool site,good luck with the production, i am currently working on my own project so i know how difficult it is to get recognition, see you on the big screen one day.
Date: Thu Mar 16 14:30:29 2000

Name: paul isaacs
Town/City: london
Country: uk
Comments: Hi Henry! Hope everything continues to go well and I wish you luck with everything. I'm on lin at last! - and I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your website at my leisure! All the best. IQ44!
Date: Wed Mar 8 22:33:20 2000

Name: Gunnar Follesø
Town/City: Bergen
Country: Norway
Comments: Ahh yees, this looks like great fun! Would like to see it one day. F
Date: Sun Mar 5 11:28:21 2000

Name: Jean-Loup Bro
Town/City: Seattle
Country: USA
Comments: Great no budget film guys! I have your preveiw on my computer, and am also an aspiring filmaker! Infact, I'm gearing up for my first large production- wish me luck! Best of luck on yours, and everyones future filmmaking endevours, Jean-Loup
Date: Sat Jan 22 12:32:54 2000

Name: Testo!
Country: SCotland
Comments: Foiled is finally finished! Cool! Nice one henry! Hope you get a distribution deal. Also i've just made my web site, i looks really happy! "Black Dawn" is due to get made this summer, so that will keep me busy. Peace, Love and happiness to all seeya Testo!
Date: Sun Jan 16 09:23:44 2000

Name: Andrew Sutton
Town/City: Southampton
Country: Hampshire
Comments: Great web site and congrats on finishing the film. Look forward to seeing it soon on a video shop shelf! Andrew. Breathing Space Films.
Date: Tue Jan 11 16:56:22 2000

Name: Ben Clarke
Town/City: Winchester
Country: UK
Comments: Hi, just came across your site and loved it! Im off to embark on a similar no-budget movie this year. It's great to see people having a laugh doing it in stead of all the negative stuff you hear. GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!
Date: Fri Jan 7 22:42:59 2000

Name: Rob Teasdale
Town/City: York
Country: England
Comments: Henry, Hello again. How is the music coming along for foiled? I`ve just bought the new Pinivle DV500 editing system and it came with a great music program from Sonic Foundry called ACID MUSIC. It`s really cool and if your into music creation, you should check it out. Check out ANGELCITY.COM or ANGELCITI.COM I can`t remember which. They take films fromall over the world and show them at a huge festival tour across america in the hope of selling it for distribution. I also have an address for an Aussie distibuter which is called IIODEK ENTERTAINMENT - (Nick Green) Well. That`s all from me. Best of luck putting the finishing touches to foiled. I can`t wait to see it. Now that I`ve bought all this DV-Editing kit, I`ll be getting into the making of the first volume of Holocaust-Shorts, a collection of short films of all genres. I`m offering other film-makers the oportunity to come along and direct some so if you`ve got a script or an idea for a half-hour piece but you can`t find the time to organize the production side of things, get in touch.
Date: Thu Jan 6 03:48:43 2000

Name: Zeenni
Town/City: emirates
Country: abu dhabi
Comments: hi there, nice site i'm working on a movie right now called "this crazy world" we will probably finish in january 2000 need to work hard peace!
Date: Wed Dec 29 21:37:55 1999

Name: gee
Town/City: oceanside/ca
Country: usa
Comments: any chance of a sequel?
Date: Thu Dec 23 19:25:38 1999

Name: Gareth Johnson
Town/City: London
Country: England
Webpage: http://Under Construction!!!!!!!!!!
Comments: Hello fellow film maker.My web site will be opening in the beggining of Jan offering amateur film services free of charge, such as film distribution throgh two shops, and other services such as clasification and actor supplies please e-mail if you would like to know more or phone me on 07718079373
Date: Tue Dec 14 14:40:25 1999

Name: Scott Roberts
Town/City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Country: USA
Comments: I want to see the Foil Man!!! I hope you finish this soon. Perhaps you can try to get Salt City Video to distribute this in the states so we can see your flick over here. It sound soooo funny! Take care! Scott R
Date: Tue Nov 9 09:22:51 1999

Name: eddie
Comments: Come on Henry, get on and finish it! There are people waiting to see
Date: Fri Nov 5 17:22:58 1999

Name: daniel
Town/City: blackpool
Country: uk
Comments: top site are there any other film makers out there i am starting a web site for home made video/films so feel free to email
Date: Sun Oct 31 12:41:17 1999

Name: CPG
Town/City: Chapel Hill, NC
Country: USA
Comments: The Carolina Production Guild is pleased to announce that we are now accepting short films and videos to screen at our third annual Hi Mom! Film Festival. Hi Mom 2000 will be a three glorious days and two swingin' nights of rowdiness, food, drink, free stuff, music, and (oh yeah) movies. Hi Mom is a festival for filmmakers with big ideas and little bank accounts, deep thinkers with shallow pockets, short on gimmicks but long on talent. The festival is an opportunity for filmmakers of all ilks to come together as group to have fun and learn from one another in the capital city of Indy culture in the Southern US, Chapel Hill, NC. Filmmakers are encouraged to attend. We'll find lodging for them (as space is available) and we will ply them with beverage and pancakes in the shapes of their initials. And we will have prizes of 16mm film stock and other goodies for best film and video in various categories. Anyone is eligible to enter (except for fat cats. No fat cats allowed.) We can screen SVHS, VHS, super8, 16mm, and 35mm. This year the festival will take place March 3-5, 2000, at various venues in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC. To enter, send a VHS tape to: Michael Connor 401 Pritchard Ave. Chapel Hill, NC 27514 ENTRY FEES AND DEADLINES Early deadline: January 11, 2000 Early Fee: $0 (right, that's zero) Final deadline: February 1, 2000 Final fee: $10 For more info, visit: Email: Phone: 919-967-8969
Date: Thu Oct 28 18:43:54 1999

Name: dan
Town/City: blackpool
Country: uk
Comments: top page i would like to talk to fellow film makers so email me now what r u waiting for
Date: Thu Oct 28 11:46:55 1999

Name: clarissa
Town/City: chicago
Country: United States
Comments: good luck with the film!!! foiled rules!!
Date: Tue Oct 26 17:57:12 1999

Name: Nick Alex
Town/City: Cwmbran
Country: Wales
Comments: The movie sounds great! Good luck with the film, and by the way, got any jobs going? Please let me know.
Date: Sun Oct 24 12:42:20 1999

Name: Jane Burrows
Town/City: Crawley
Country: England
Comments: Being Henry's sister I am learnig more about my brother by reading this web site than I do talking to him! I think the film is going to be great and I can't wait to see it one day.
Date: Thu Oct 21 09:16:55 1999

Name: jez
Town/City: exeter
Country: uk
Comments: okay, so if you're after crew now aor other times, get in touch. hear from you soon? ta jez
Date: Fri Oct 8 20:52:20 1999

Name: martin howard
Town/City: castle cary
Country: england
Webpage: http://not availible
Comments: i want to see sheep shaggers
Date: Wed Sep 15 15:43:45 1999

Name: TESTO!
Town/City: Ayr
Country: ScotlanD
Comments: this is a bloody good site which is a suprise because theres hardly any good film making sites for the UK ( infact theres bugger all for scottish movie makers, like myself ... hey thats an idea) well whatever cant wait to see the full "FOILEd" see ya later p.s mail me !!!!!!!
Date: Sun Sep 12 12:48:45 1999

Name: alisha
Comments: Dear whomever this may concern, I am 14 years old and I am an actress, I am looking for some work .I have had experience in these areas. Please could you contact me and tell me if you are holding any auditions e.t.c, Thanx Alisha Smith Email: address: pear tree cottage, Goring Road, Woodcote, Berkshire, RG8 OSD
Date: Sat Sep 11 15:54:54 1999

Name: Tony & Andrea White
Town/City: Reading
Country: England
Comments: The cool dude Henry B brought us here, now we're gonna try surfing for Iridium Flares, which we thought we saw today, but it turned out to be my Indigo Watch lighting up the night sky - ho hum! (:->
Date: 18:36:29, August 21 1999

Name: Bertie Hazell
Town/City: Preston
Country: England
Comments: Hi, excellent page..... You have really made me think about getting into it....(thinks) Hmmmmmmmm Ohh, P.S. The sounds are brilliant, Massive Ta....
Date: 14:48:51, August 16 1999

Name: Pat Cardi
Town/City: Hollywood,CA.
Country: U.S.
Comments: Loved your page. All the best. I'll be looking forward to seeing the film. P.C.
Date: 01:36:34, August 16 1999

Name: Ryan Brain
Town/City: Suffolk
Country: UK
Comments: Hi, I've contacted you in the past about my no-budget feature film "Midnight". Ive just released the trailer, and I'd like you to take a look at it. Please tell me what you think :) go to the MIDNIGHT page (midnight.htm) Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.
Date: 09:42:42, August 11 1999

Name: Antonika Walker
Town/City: manchester
Country: england
Comments: I want to get involved with a future feature film. I am I studying In manchester and have a passion for film making. Please contact me so I can help or just get involved for free I have the facilies but I need a crew.
Date: 08:53:22, August 09 1999

Name: Darlene Takagi
Country: USA
Comments: I have a Production company myself, since 1992. It started off with a scrpt I had and remembering how hard it was for George Lucas to get a company to pick up Star Wars. Hope you stop by my site and sign my guestbook

Date: 21:11:59, July 30 1999

Name: Jo Frewin
Town/City: Reading
Country: UK
Comments: Pretty impressive - I always knew you'd make it Henry. Can we have a full screening?
Date: 06:53:35, July 08 1999

Name: cici
Town/City: bandung
Comments: I to see this movie...but i live too far away! How can i see your movie? ( Sending me free copy maybe? :)
Date: 02:07:16, June 17 1999

Name: John Breugelmans
Town/City: Antwerp
Country: Belgium
Comments: Since 1980 I'm making amateur movies, first with Super8, later 8mm and now SVHS. The major problem I have is the editing. Now I'm doing in-camera editing and sometimes between 2 VCRs. I'm thinking of doing the editing on my PC. I have a Matrox Millenium II videocard and thinking of buying the add-on Rainbow Runner Studio to edit my movies. Now the question, is there anyone out there who has expierence with this???
Date: 15:38:47, May 18 1999

Name: Ian Cracknell
Town/City: Sheffield
Country: UK
Comments: I think what you guys are doing is great. I graduated last year after making several no-budgeters (one about the student housemate from hell - a quality production!). Now I'm trying to get funding for my scripts,(which have moved on a little) and this involves more talking than actually making, which seems kind of futile when you can just pick up a camera and start shooting. I'd love to see your film when it's finished so let me know please.. Best of luck, and respect for doing what you want. Ian.
Date: 13:57:01, May 13 1999

Name: Rickett
Town/City: Hollywood
Country: USofA

For lack of something more original to say: GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT!

There's some folks here in good 'ole Hollywood rooting for you.

Date: 16:26:14, April 29 1999

Name: Mark Shields
Town/City: West Sussex
Country: England
Comments: Take a look at our film.
Date: 16:00:15, April 18 1999


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