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Cast And Crew

This is a complete listing of the people involved in the making of Foiled, both in front of the camera and behind it. More information about the characters in Foiled, and the actors playing them, can be found by following the links.

The Cast

Scanner ... Mike Varty
Laura ... Sue Element
Jimmy ... Ian Lindsay
Helen ... Rebecca Croxson
Foil Man ... David Randell
Ray ... Mark Robert Stalker
Steve ... Mark Flitter
Kate ... Jaime Katz
Bob ... Adam Ahmad
Zombie ... Nick Stocker
Pizza Delivery Man ... David Randell
Green Man ... Steven McCombe
White Man ... Adam Ahmad
Psychiatrist ... Peter Kidson
Hitch-Hiker ...Mohammad Negargar
Scott Berrey ... Simon Berrey
Edward Denny ... Des White
Russian ... Sean Murphy
German ... Duncan Tyler
Newsreader ... Gary White
Student With Sheep ... Howell Parry
Student With Can ...Geraint Pritchard
Shocked Student ... Chris Simpson
Bemused Motorist ...Shaun Gostelow
Dream Jimmy ... Steve Powell
Dream Laura ... Alex Wilkes
Dream Steve ... Darren Wilkes
Dream Helen ... Lis Dimond


The Crew

Written and Directed by Henry Burrows
Producers Henry Burrows
Howell Parry
Editor Henry Burrows
Cameraman Henry Burrows
"Split" written & performed by Andy Block
Original Soundtrack Henry Burrows
Mike Varty
Alien Vocals Stephen Davis
Alien Vocals Trainee David Corrie
Voice of Foil Man Howell Parry
Alien Wrangling Howell Parry
David Randell
Sue Element
Ian Lindsay
Mark R Stalker
Shaun Gostelow
Mike Varty
Casting Howell Parry
Henry Burrows
Nick Stocker
Props Howell Parry
Henry Burrows
Mike Varty
Sue Element
Mark R Stalker
Mark Flitter
Continuity Everyone
Clapperboard Nick Stocker
Howell Parry
Chris Simpson
Simon Berrey
David Randell
Ian Lindsay
Sue Element
Mike Varty
Mark R Stalker
Rebecca Croxson
Shaun Gostelow
Stunt Drivers Kristian Adams
Arron Edwards
Costumes Susan McCombe
Ian Lindsay
Mike Varty
Sue Element
David Randell
Mark R Stalker
Mark Flitter
Rebecca Croxson
Nick Stocker
Jaime Katz
Military Uniforms Phil Clare
Sound Mike Varty
Mark R Stalker
David Randell
Ian Lindsay
Sound Recording Equipment Mike Varty
Sound Effects Cesare Ferrari
Howell Parry
Henry Burrows
Mike Varty
Jon Hall
Special Visual Effects Henry Burrows
Smoke/Lighting Effects Paul Wells at Sounds OK
Sign Construction Mike Varty
Foil Man's Eyes Darren Wilkes
Location Scouting Henry Burrows
Nick Stocker
Howell Parry
Ian Lindsay
Shaun Gostelow
Transportation Ian Lindsay
Mike Varty
Sue Element
In-Car Tripod Mark Hayden
Alien Explosives Mark Flitter
Holybourne Location Manager Shaun Gostelow
Manchester Location Manager Howell Parry
Language Consultant Julien Cheront
Catering Sue Element
Mike Varty
Trailer Voiceover Mark Flitter
Thanks to:- Anthony Boydell
Matt & Karen Brownbill
Rebekah Budd
Christopher Burrows
Jane Burrows
David R H Buxton
Steve Denny
Aneurin Hamer
Andy Hartland
Kevin Head
Rafaquat Hussein
Mike Jackson
Phil Jarman
Anne Leach
Chris Morgan
Marizu Okereke
Helen Powell
Helen Rushby
Jack Saunders
Rob Spilsbury
Tim Strugnall
Mark Swindells
Rick Threlfall
Simon Watts
Stephen Watts
Lance Werth
Thanks to Helen and Steve Powell for use of their house
Thanks to Sue and Mike for use of their house


Foiled had an almost entirely different cast before the current actors took on their roles. Check the diary section of this web site for the reasons behind the recasting.

The Original Cast

Scanner ...Rob Spilsbury
Laura ...Alex Wilkes
Jimmy ...Steve Powell
Helen ...Lis Dimond
Foil Man ...Howell Parry
Ray ...Chris Morgan
Steve ...Darren Wilkes
Pizza Delivery Man ... Gary White