Played By: Sue Element

Laura, in keeping with the strangeness of the other students she shares a house with, is into astrology - mainly fortune telling. She collects strange and unusual ways of predicting future events - from mystic stones, Tarot cards and crystal ball gazing to more outlandish theories such as examining the wool of a sheep and studying patterns in the bubbles of fizzy drinks. Unfortunately she doesn't get to demonstrate all of these skills in Foiled, although she does find time to show off the latest addition to her tools, a set of "colour cards".
Laura - chased by a man of foil

She's undecided as to the existance of aliens, and not sure how she'd react if she ever came face to face with one. She hopes that such a being would be friendly, but has a fear that perhaps it might not. Her instincts and ability to recover quickly from shock help to carry her through the events of Foiled.

She has a boyfriend, Steve; they're out most nights together, so the others in the house don't get to see much of her, although when she is around she's always friendly and ready to chat. She's not one to keep an immaculately tidy room, she's a fan of the TV series "The Prisoner", she likes to drink, and she likes rock music.