Played By: Mark Flitter

Steve, Laura's boyfriend, is the sort of person who makes life sound so easy that you wonder where you've been going wrong all these years. To him, everything's either easy or a joke. He finds it hard to take anyone seriously and indeed things in his life seem to have a way of sorting themselves out without him doing anything.

He gets on well with the students in the house, with the exception of Scanner who he doesn't understand and can't really be bothered trying to. He was once a student himself, but now works on the check-out at Safeway after dropping out of his course.

Laura is expecting to go out with him on the night of Foiled, but she hasn't heard from him and doesn't know exactly what's happening. Not really surprising, as he has a tendency to turn up at odd moments and take her out whether she's ready or not. He is about to discover that all is not normal at their house...