Played By: Ian Lindsay

Jimmy is a real B-movie fanatic. There's nothing he likes better than to rent the cheesiest video in the shop and relax in front of the television with a few cans of beer to enjoy derivative plots, dire special effects, and dreadful acting. (If only he knew was in one such film! - ed.)

Anyway, Jimmy is also a bit of a chef. Although you'd never guess it from the spaghetti shapes he's so expertly preparing at the opening of Foiled, he can out-cook the best of them. His skills come to light a little more at the end of the film - but I don't want to give anything away, although it's not crucial to the plot.
Jimmy fighting a foil-clad bad guy
in his kitchen

He's studying psychology at the University of Manchester, along with his house-mate Helen, although he's in his third year and Helen's a year behind him. Contrary to popular belief, there's nothing going on between these two - Helen tends to annoy Jimmy with one or two of her strange habits. He puts up with her.

Jimmy likes to think that he could do better than any of the actors in the B-movies he watches. When he sees Bob and Kate running from the zombie in Saturday Night Zombies he imagines himself taking on the zombie single-handedly and winning. When the students get onto the subject of aliens after hearing reports of a possible UFO crash in the area, he claims he'd kill any aliens before they ever had a chance to get near him.

He's about to find out if that's true...