Foil Man

Played By: David Randell

An alien threatens Scanner
Foil Man is the human incarnation of the aliens who crashed their spacecraft in the hills near Manchester. He's not the natural form of the aliens, just a form that can interact with humans sufficiently to eliminate any witnesses to his existance.

In its natural state, an alien is about the size of a rat, but resembles something more like a baked potato wrapped in foil. Its method of dealing with enemies is unique; it leaps upon its victim and completely encloses them in a foil-like substance, taking control of their every bodily movement - hence the origin of Foil Man.

This "foiling" endows the alien with almost super-human strength, and potential invulnerability as the death of the "foiled" creature results in the release of the alien in its original form once again.


Constructing the costume

The costume that we've constructed for the film consists of 8 separate parts:

Foil Man having his eyes fitted
Apart from the eyes, the costume is heat-reflective foil-like mylar cut from survival blankets and affixed to old clothing with double-sided sticky tape. The 'seams' of the mylar are taped in place with ordinary sticky tape and wrapped double for reinforcement.

The glowing red eyes were constructed by Darren Wilkes and consist of two red LED's wired into a pair of swimming goggles. A plastic box containing the battery and switch to turn them on and off is concealed at the back of Foil Man's head. Getting into the costume takes approximately 15 minutes, and as you might imagine it can get pretty hot in there.

Many other pictures of Foil Man in action can be found in the diary section of these pages.