Played By: Mark Stalker

Ray is a good friend of Scanner, from the same physics course as him. The two spend much of their free time together, hunting for aliens, watching videos and swapping comics. Ray, however, is a much more extreme version of Scanner, if that's possible. He is the ultimate "techno-nerd".

Ray is unbelievably clever when it comes to electronics - just by studying a circuit for a few seconds he can predict its effect. He's a walking encyclopaedia but a lot of people find his over-enthusiasm for knowledge to be off-putting.

Apart from his love of electronics, his obsession with Star Trek and his hobby of collecting registration numbers of trains, he has a great love of the outdoors, particularly mountains. He's often been known to disappear off into the mountains of North Wales on a weekend - to hike and explore the lesser-known areas, sometimes accompanied by Scanner.

On the fateful night that Foiled takes place, Ray is due to turn up at the students' house by about midnight with his "Sound Of Music" video - both he and Scanner are big fans of Julie Andrews, and that movie in particular. Little does he know what is waiting for him in the students' kitchen...