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Foiled People - Adam Lopez
Facts About Adam Lopez

  • Independent filmmaker Adam Lopez is the Founder & Director of the inaugural After Dark Film Festival, a new film festival in Toronto, dedicated to premiering sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, martial arts and bizarre cinema from around the world. The first annual After Dark Film Festival will take place in October 2006. Adam brings a wealth of energy and experience in promotion, and a passion for working with people who share his love of genre film.
  • Of mixed Asian and European parentage, Adam was born and raised in London, England at an interesting time in genre cinema and television: the 1970s. At age 13, inspired by classic British TV shows The Prisoner and Doctor Who he launched his school’s first ever Science Fiction Club. A year later, at age 14, he wrote, directed and produced his first stage play, Star Bleuch! a sci-fi comedy based on the classic Star Trek TV series. Five years later, at college, Adam launched Manchester University’s first ever Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Club, programming weekly screenings of cult genre movies.
  • After graduation, Adam’s promotional talents led to a successful career in marketing, and a move to Canada, working as a strategic planner for J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather, two of the world’s largest advertising agencies. In 2000, Adam left his ad agency life behind to concentrate on his one great unfulfilled passion: filmmaking. Adam has subsequently written, produced and starred in two shorts, both of which have played at numerous genre festivals across three continents: Sunday Night Zombies, a cult horror comedy, and The Jedi Who Loved Me a romantic sci-fi comedy. Adam currently has three genre shorts in post-production (Technoverload, Johnny Lobsterhead and Grand Theft U.F.O.) and is penning his first feature script, zombie comedy Johnny Deadfingers. In his spare time, Adam teaches marketing part-time to students at Ryerson University.

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