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Other Movies We've Made
Online since 1995
There are many other movies we've made over the years. Some have slipped into obscurity, others have found their way out onto the internet and have appeared all over the world. In this section we'll attempt to list as many of them as we can find, providing links to watch them where possible.

UFO Spotters
UFO Spotters This is a short film (under 90 seconds) we shot back in 2001.

It features two of the characters from the movie Foiled - Ray and Scanner. They're both heavily into science-fiction, comics, train-spotting and - now - UFO-spotting! The film shows them out on a field trip to watch UFOs, and answers that all important question: "are mobile phones really bad for your health?"

Starring Mark Stalker as Ray and Mike Varty as Scanner.

Running-time: 87 seconds
Year of Production: 2001

Watch the film now here.

The Palindrome Paradox
The Palindrome Paradox This was filmed on the 29th September 2012, premiered in February 2013 and arrived on YouTube in December 2013. Ray and Scanner get together to test their latest invention - a mini-hadron collider. As always, things do not go exactly to plan.

"The Palindrome Paradox" is a film that is exactly the same if you watch it forwards or backwards.

Starring Mark Logan-Benn as Ray and Mike Varty as Scanner. Steven McCombe was in charge of sound recording.

Running-time: 4 minutes 42 seconds
Year of Production: 2013

Watch the film now here.

The Alien That Came To Dinner
The Alien That Came To Dinner This was shot in May 2004, and finally made it onto the internet in December of that year. Once again, Ray and Scanner are reunited for a further science-fiction related adventure. This time... well, the title of the film gives away as much as you need to know!

Starring Mark Stalker as Ray, Mike Varty as Scanner and Lucinda Randolph as the alien. Mark Flitter handled alien wrangling and design, and The Ma and Cheese Monster Factory were responsible for alien construction.

Running-time: 2 minutes 12 seconds
Year of Production: 2004

The film is not currently available to watch.

Behind The Scenes Trivia

The game that Scanner and Ray are seen playing throughout the film is a real board game called Foiled - basically a rip-off of the better known Frustration. It's fairly obvious why we wanted to get it into a film!

The film was shot in Farnborough, Hampshire, inside the house that Dr Hall finds himself outside of in the first episode of his series.

Diet Coke Ad Spoof
Diet Coke Ad Spoof Probably the most famous of the movies on this page. Sightings of this spoof we made of a "Diet Coke" commercial have come in from all over the world.

We took a well-known TV advert, cut out the shots of the guy the women are all admiring, and replaced them with equivalent shots of superstar legend Geraint Pritchard.

Running-time: 30 seconds
Year of Production: 1996-ish

Watch the film now here.

Have You Seen This Film Somewhere? - if you've seen it online, on television, or anywhere else, let us know by posting in the "Others" forum.

Upon A Time
Upon A Time On Saturday 16th August, 2003, we took part in a challenge in London to make a film in 48 hours. The title and genre of the film were picked at random and we were competing against hundreds of other filmmaking teams. What we ended up with was a documentary about reincarnation called "Upon A Time".

You can read all about our adventures on the "Upon A Time" web page.

What Is Up? Ad Spoof
What Is Up? Ad Spoof Another spoof of a famous ad. This time, we thought we'd jump on the bandwagon when everyone was making their own version of the Budweiser "Whassup" commercial.

Our take on it has some very English guys drinking tea and watching cricket. We tried to emulate the original as closely as possible by timing our shots to be the same length and trying to pick similar angles.

This is without a doubt the quickest production we've ever made. It was up on the internet within five or six hours of starting production! We basically cast it, shot it and edited it in less than half a day.

Running-time: 1 minute 1 second
Year of Production: 2000-ish

You can watch this film here.

A Voyage Into Ultimate Canadian Terror
This film is more like an extended trailer for a movie which doesn't exist.  It was shot in May 1999 during a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, and features 3 of the cast of Sunday Night Zombies - Steven McCombe, Howell Parry and Jaime Katz.
A Voyage Into Ultimate Canadian Terror
Set to various pieces of scary music (including the theme from Psycho), it features our adventures in the wilderness - including some canoeing, a close encounter with a moose, an evil television set, lots of wandering through trees and rain, and some karaoke.... (hence the terror part of the title).

Running-time: 3 minutes 43 seconds
Year of Production: 1999

This film is not available online.

This was a short film we shot in Carlisle.  The title Chirophobia means "fear of hands".  It's quite bizarre, featuring a girl (played by Jessica Evans) being pursued by some evil disembodied hands (played by Howell Parry and Steven McCombe).  When she bumps into a mysterious stranger (played by Andrew Prentice) she must make a difficult choice...

We shot this in one straightforward day.  Highlight was an experiment in trying to get the hands to move faster by making Howell lie on a skateboard and pushing him along with an axe.  Don't ask.

Running-time: 1 minute 52 seconds
Year of Production: 2001

You can watch this film here.

Pool Monster
This ultra-short film (a mere 10 seconds) was made way back in the 1980s (around 1986).  It can't be described without spoiling the experience of watching it, so watch it now...

Running-time: 10 seconds
Year of Production: around 1986

Watch the film now here.

Sheep Man
Some people really like this movie.  I have no idea why!  It's badly written, badly directed, badly shot, badly edited and I'm not saying anything about the acting because they're my friends!  If you want to know more there's a really ancient web-site about it that's no longer maintained but somehow is still surviving out there on the internet.  Check it out by clicking here.

Running-time: unknown
Year of Production: 1996

This film is not available online.  Thankfully.

Australia 2002
This was a video I shot whilst on holiday in Australia in September 2002. The whole thing is set to music and is themed around each day, featuring the best clips from whatever we got up to. Scenes include a day cycling around an island, a relaxing day out sailing on a yacht, a drunken wine tasting boat trip, and an unforgettable visit to the spectacular Pinnacles Desert.

Running-time: 18 minutes 42 seconds
Year of Production: 2002

You can see one of the days - featuring us cycling around Rottnest Island - here.

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