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Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer
The Jedi Who Loved Me
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The Sinister Dr Stone
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Q:Are you making any more episodes of Fluffy?
A:It's very unlikely! Although the site seems to hint at a complete season of episodes, that's part of the parody. It was really fun to make, but we'd rather move on to something completely different.
Q:What format do you shoot on?
A:Our first three movies, Foiled, Sunday Night Zombies and The Jedi Who Loved Me, were shot on S-VHS, and then for Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer we upgraded to MiniDV. The more recent films have been shot in HD using a consumer-level digital camera.
Q:How can I get hold of a copy of one of your movies?
A:Back when we started this website it was almost impossible to watch the films without downloading them and trying to find the right combination of software to decode them. These days with YouTube you can find most of them on our channel there.
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