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A simple idea using the sound of the road outside our office. The car's horn was of course added on afterwards.
Wednesday, 13th July 2016 @ 10:00AM

The Dance

This one was filmed on the same day as The Path, and Mark had no idea it was coming. I asked if he'd dance around the trees, and remarkably he agreed.
Friday, 8th July 2016 @ 10:00AM

The Path

This was one of the first ideas for these lunchtime short films, and we finally got around to making it! The ending was made up on the day - originally Graham just carried on wandering away.
Thursday, 7th July 2016 @ 10:00AM

Alas Poor Yorick

Mark really wanted to perform some Shakespeare and I had an idea to feature Graham in the scene too. The potato just happened randomly.
Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 @ 10:00AM
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