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Undercover 70s Cops - A Fish Called Wanda Connection
It was months after the video had been completed that Julien spotted a previously unknown connection with the film "A Fish Called Wanda". Our location in Clapham where we staged the drug deal and subsequent chase appears for a few seconds in A Fish Called Wanda, when the diamonds are hidden in a safe in a garage under a railway arch. The film suggests that this takes place in Fulham, but we can assure you it's Clapham!

Here are some screen captures from Undercover 70s Cops and A Fish Called Wanda to compare. Although the location has changed a bit between 1988 and 2002, there are a few giveaways, such as the long narrow tunnel at one end, the number of arches, the pavement & the curve of the railway above.

Undercover 70s Cops

A Fish Called Wanda

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