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Undercover 70s Cops
Undercover 70s Cops

Undercover 70s Cops is a music video based loosely on the famous Beastie Boys Sabotage video. There's no plot as such, just a bunch of guys in ridiculous disguises running around catching criminals to the funky sounds of Grebeau.

Runtime: 4 minutes 19 seconds

The Cast:
Shaun Gostelow - Cop (Black Moustache)
Erik Dege - Cop (Big Hair)
Kristian Adams - Cop (Big Blonde Hair)
Stephen Davis - Cop (Big Hair Double)
Ian Lindsay - Criminal (Drug Dealer)
Julien Cheront - Criminal (Drug User / Bomb Maker)
Dave Corrie - Criminal (Beach Bum) / Kidnap Victim
David Randell - Criminal (Beach Runner)
Mike Varty - Criminal (Car Thief)

The Crew:
Henry Burrows - Director / Editor

Photo Gallery:
A selection of stills from the video can be found in the photo gallery.

>> Photo Gallery <<

Behind The Scenes:
Some information on the filming of the video.

>> Behind The Scenes <<

Watch Online Now!
The film is available to watch here.

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